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Design a database to store simulation results

Postée le 14 nov.

Lieu : Moirans (Isère) · Contrat : Stage · Rémunération : A négocier

Société : Intel

Intel® Docea™ solutions enable modeling and simulation of the power consumption and thermal behavior of electronic systems from an architectural perspective. The solutions are used to secure specifications, optimize power behavior, and accelerate validation and verification of design projects. Intel® Docea™ solutions apply to both electronic systems, such as boards and OEM devices, and semiconductor devices, including IC, SoC, and System in Package.

Intel® Docea™ software solutions enable a larger exploration of the design space for more power-efficient architectures, creating opportunities for productivity gains in the management of complex power architecture data as well as time-to-market savings in power/thermal verification and validation.

Description du poste

Our team is developing EDA (Electronic Design Automation) tools that assist Chip designers in controlling the power-consumption and temperature of their device during the early stages of the design flow.

Our tools are deployed in a cloud and run many simulations which generate a decent amount of data. Thousands of simulations may be run in a single day and they generate hundreds of kinds of objects, among which are: voltage tree, power consumptions, temperature values,... Also, for each simulation we may want detailed or reduced results.

This internship’s mission is to design a database for all these results.
The database engine will be a standard one, like Redis for example. It must support a high volume of data and must be always available so it will be distributed in a cloud infrastructure.
The real challenge is to design an efficient data model. The design should hit the sweet spot between software engineering techniques and a deep understanding of the power-consumption drivers in the microelectronic industry.

Profil recherché

We usually code in Golang on Linux laptops. Our projects are stored in git repositories. Any proficiency in these technologies is much appreciated, but so does the willingness to learn them.
The candidate must be a student in a French university or school. He or she must be able to communicate in English.

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Apply via http://jobs.intel.com/

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