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Stage fin d'etudes R&D developpement

Postée le 04 déc.

Lieu : Montbonnot · Contrat : Stage · Rémunération : Smic €

Société : Synopsys

Synopsys is a worldwide company on EDA product tools. Synopsys offers a wide range of products used in the design of an application-specific integrated circuit. Products include logic-synthesis tool, behavioral synthesis, place and route, static timing analysis, formal verification, hardware description language (SystemC, SystemVerilog/Verilog, VHDL) simulators as well as transistor-level circuit simulation.
Synopsys technology helps customers innovate from silicon to software, so they can deliver Smart, Secure Everything

Description du poste

PrimeTime is the software tool used by key semiconductor companies in the world to signoff their design, using static timing analysis flow.
Static timing analysis (STA) is a method of computing the expected timing of a digital circuit without requiring a simulation of the full circuit.

The candidate will be a contributor of the Prime Time Software R&D team working on projects in the fields of Static Timing Analysis (STA). Challenges include research part on the PrimeTime reporting area, implementation part using efficient data structure and algorithms, and deliver high quality production software which satisfies customer needs. The candidate will also need to analyze performance issues of real designs and come up with solutions.

The candidate will be based in Montbonnot office, Grenoble, France. He/she will work with local R&D in Montbonnot, but also be part of a worldwide team (France, Ireland, USA).

This internship represents an excellent opportunity for the candidate to work in a dynamic and international environment, improving technical software development skills in an industrial context. The candidate will also learn the essential project management methods and tools to efficiently achieve well-defined and time-constrained objectives.

Profil recherché

Suitable candidate should have strong C/C++ programming skills preferably on UNIX environment, with excellent problem solving capabilities and good knowledge of algorithms and data-structures. Familiarity with Perl, Tcl and other scripting languages is desired. The candidate must be familiar with software development process, debugging tools and configuration management tools.

Education requirements: Either one of Master of Computer Science, Master of Electrical Engineering, Master of Applied Mathematics.

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