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Postée le 12 mar.

Lieu : INRIA, Monbonnot (Grenoble) · Contrat : CDI · Rémunération : Compensation : 33-38K depending on experience €

Société : Start-up spin-off INRIA

Comper (project-name) is a start-up spun-off from the INRIA research lab, to be created in
Summer 2019. It follows 6 years of R&D developing a large-scale framework supporting the
development and prototyping of real-time computer vision and computer graphics
solutions. The start-up is currently focused on the development of a motion-graphics
software, due to be commercialized in 2020.

Description du poste

We are hiring a Software Engineer to develop the 3D architecture within our internal
framework. The critical part of the job will be developing a successful, Vulkan-based 3D
real-time rendering PBR engine, similar to what can be found in recent AAA video games.
This 3D renderer is a key stone in the features of our solution as it will provide a complete
generalist real-time video production workflow.
Ideally, the candidate is motivated by the start-up and wants to get more responsibilities,
eventually supervising part of the architectural choices and development of the internal
framework of the company and possibly becoming Chief Technical Officer.

Profil recherché


At least 3 experience developing serious real-time 3D software, ideally coming from a
game engine graphics development background.


- Master’s degree in Computer Science
- Strong knowledge of C and C++ 11
- Expert in development of graphics solutions based on Vulkan / OpenGL / GLSL shaders
- Real-time, PBR Lighting rendering algorithms
- Global knowledge of 3D computer graphics algorithms and techniques
- Comfortable with multi-threaded algorithms and debugging a multi-threaded software
- Experience in computer vision and image processing is a plus
- Experience with the Qt5 framework is a plus

Personal Attributes:

Dedicated and able to work as a team.
Willingness to get more responsibilities, ultimately supervising part of the architectural
choices of the development of the software

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Pour postuler :

6 months employment at INRIA with a CDD
After the start-up is created, CDI contract within the start-up