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Postée le 26 juin

Lieu : San Francisco / Paris · Contrat : CDI · Rémunération : 40 000€/an €

Société : BreakPoint Media

As the hundredth anniversary of the first televised sports broadcast nears, Breakpoint is moving sports-watching to the 21st century by putting the spotlight on the fans with rich user-generated commentary, reactions, and highlights, all in an app.

Description du poste

This position is an opportunity to leave a lasting mark on hundreds of millions of sports fans worldwide by modernizing sports-watching from the ground up. You will be architecting a robust distributed system for social video streaming and interactive content sharing between users.

Profil recherché

Protocol Implementation and API design

Breakpoint’s stack will evolve through different scaling needs. You should be at ease with designing an API in cooperation with front-end engineers and architecting a video streaming system over various TCP and UDP-based streaming protocols (MPEG-DASH/LL-HLS/ WebRTC).

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Send an email to: vp@breakpoint.live