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Schroders Interns- All departments

Postée le 22 juil.

Lieu : Luxembourg · Contrat : Stage · Rémunération : A négocier

Société : Schroders Investment Management

We’re a global investment manager. We help institutions, intermediaries and individuals around the world invest money to meet their goals, fulfil their ambitions, and prepare for the future.
We have around 5,000 people on six continents. And we’ve been around for over 200 years, but keep adapting as society and technology changes. What doesn’t change is our commitment to helping our clients, and society, prosper.

Description du poste

Our internships cover a number of areas. These include Distribution, Product, Real Estate, Accounting & Finance, Technology, Risk Management, Compliance, Governance & HR.
• Expect to be at the heart of the team from day one and immersed in real work from the get-go.
• As well as practical experience, graduates enjoy continual expert training designed to help grow the skills and expertise for a successful career.
• As well as the encouragement of teammates, graduates enjoy the support of a dedicated mentor. They will be available from day one and are there to help you build a successful, stable career, and for us to enjoy the long-term rewards of our investment in you.
• We offer everyone at Schroders a lifetime of opportunity and the chances to progress and diversify throughout the business.

Profil recherché

Our internship opportunities offer 4 to 12 months work experience as an intern. It’s a great way to gain experience to put on your CV and to explore working life within the asset management industry.
This internship assignment combines in-depth training with challenge and responsibility to form the foundation for a lasting, rewarding career. As an intern, you will get hands-on experience and learn about the wide range of opportunities available in a multidisciplinary professional services firm.
In our applicants, we look for open-minded, hard-working and intellectually curious individuals. In your application, we like to see what experience you have, whether this is within the Asset Management industry or a part time job whilst attending university.

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We look forward to receiving your application regardless of the degree subject you’ve chosen to study. All applicants must be ambitious, resilient and energetic. You'll need to show us you're a self-starter with ambition and a willingness to get involved. Your academic record is one of the ways we'll assess you. We're open to whatever subject you're studying, but you'll need to have an official internship agreement with your school or university.