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Senior Simulation Software Engineer

Postée le 16 fév.

Lieu : France, Moirans, Grenoble area · Contrat : CDI · Rémunération : A négocier

Société : Intel Corporation

Our group is developing a set of applications that assists Electronic Designer teams in reducing the power-consumption and perceived temperature of their System on Chip.
As the power and the temperature have a great impact on performance for all new devices (mobile, wearables, IoT), our group is developing a unique and innovative solution based on Virtual Platforms to study this critical impact. In this context, our products are evolving very quickly, and we are gaining a lot of users inside Intel.

Inside this Business Group

Intel Architecture, Graphics, and Software (IAGS) brings Intel's technical strategy to life. We have embraced the new reality of competing at a product and solution level not just a transistor one. We take pride in reshaping the status quo and thinking exponentially to achieve what's never been done before. We've also built a culture of continuous learning and persistent leadership that provides opportunities to practice until perfection and filter ambitious ideas into execution.

Description du poste

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

Improving the performance of our simulators and modellers by parallelizing more and more processing (with multithreading/multiprocessing and multiple hosts).
Improving the current solution to persist large simulation results (Apache Parquet, Feather, Google Protobuf, databases like Splunk/Prometheus/InfluxDB, ...) and query data efficiently, apply data science and machine learning to exploit data
Researching and inventing new methods for accelerating simulations
Integrating simulation engines with adjacent tools for performance and power estimation
Collaborating with other development teams in our organization to fit the development methodology for large scale deployment.
Collaborating with our domain experts located in various geo (US, France, China, Israel) to validate feature definition, pre and post-implementation.
We are looking for strong expertise, ability to work with incomplete or often changing specifications, solid execution discipline and great communication skills - within the team and with respect to our internal customers.

Profil recherché

Master or PhD in Computer Science, or Computer Engineering with sufficient post-graduation industry experience
Or any engineering related field with proven software development experience:

Proven experience in software programming with a specialization in high-performance computing or numerical simulation or data science or virtual platforms
Proven experience software implementation with knowledge and experience in C/C++ language and libraries, Rust or Golang
Proven experience in designing components for a software system, recognizing design patterns, and using object-oriented design principles
Experience in the development environment and tools, such as git, CI/CD, GNU compiler toolchain
Fluent English language skills

Preferred Qualifications:

Written communication skills
Experience with Python in production
Experience with Electronic or Thermal Design
Both rapid prototyping and production-quality development
French language skills

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