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Internship on ETH Blockchain projects

Postée le 23 fév.

Lieu : Paris · Contrat : Stage · Rémunération : A négocier

Société : TOBAM

TOBAM is a quantitative asset management firm with assets over $11 Billion. The Company offers innovative investment capabilities and provides institutional clients with diversified core equity exposure. The Company was the first in Europe to launch a fund tracking the Bitcoin performance.
The firm has been experiencing a significant expansion, one of the largest in the industry.
TOBAM operations are based in Paris and Dublin, with a daily interaction between the two locations.

Description du poste

The 6-month internship consists in

1) Understand and write a research note on the Ethereum Blockchain ecosystem and DeFi:
a. Smart contracts
b. Understand how a liquidity pools works
c. Understand the entanglement of the protocols of the ASSY index (AAVE, Synthetics, SushiSwap and YFI) or more widely of the Power index.
d. Understand Layer 2 (scaling)
e. Understand Ethereum 2.0
f. Understand the concepts of yield farming and Yearn Vault

2) Develop and deploy an ERC-20 token

3) Applications in the asset management industry

Technical environment:

- Solidity, Truffle, Ganache, OpenZeppelin
- Python

Profil recherché

The candidate:

- Qualifications: “Grande ecole d’ingenieur” or Specialised IT school
- Has strong technology aptitudes and programming skills. Knowledge on the Ethereum blockchain is a plus. Python skill is a plus.
- Is dynamic, resourceful and very motivated.

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